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How You Make Me Feel: the Life & Legacy of Marcus Intalex


By Sherif Dhaimish & Mark O'Donnell

Out on 4th October 2024

Marcus Intalex was a universally revered drum & bass producer/DJ until his untimely death in 2017 and 'How You Make Me Feel' is a kaleidoscopic celebration of his trailblazing life and career.

From emerging as a DJ on the rave scene in Burnley to surviving ‘Gunchester’ jungle raves and taking his era-defining D&B from Manchester to the world, before effortlessly switching to techno under his Trevino moniker, Marcus Intalex was at the bleeding-edge of club culture for nearly three decades. As close collaborator Martyn says, ‘Not many people can say they played at Berghain and Metalheadz nights.’

This illustrated oral history weaves together memories from Marcus’ inner circle, unpublished photos and artwork, and words from his closest friends and family. It’s the story of how a humble, restless soul created some of the most emotionally charged underground music of all time. And how his legacy lives on through a worldwide community of artists and music lovers he inspired along the way.

'Marcus was as impactful on D&B as J Dilla was to hip hop.' Goldie

'When I first heard ‘How You Make Me Feel’ it confirmed feelings I had about drum & bass and its capacity for beauty in the dance.' Calibre

'Marcus was the beginning of my drum & bass career – my first release was for Soul:r. He introduced me to Darren and Tunde (Future Cut), and Goldie. He was a really good friend. I miss him a lot.' Jenna G

'Manchester was renowned for northern soul, the Hacienda, techno, those early electro parties in Moss Side. A mix of soulful sounds with industrial – that’s what Marcus was able to channel into drum & bass.' 2D (Future Cut)

'Marcus’s legacy runs a lot deeper than just his music catalogue. Musical relationships. Alliances. Friendships. He was a bloody genius.' Zed Bias