Church Bingo by Angela Christofilou


While visiting her nana in November 2019, Angela Christofilou joined one of her regular bingo games at St James Church Hall in Heywood, Lancashire. For years the activity was a space for locals to regularly gather and participate in the game.
Christofilou captures the special community atmosphere and energy of the group, all of whom were participants.

Bingo at the hall sadly came to an end due to lockdown and covid-19 restrictions, forcing members to stop socialising in such settings. This collection of 28 images is a commemoration of Heywood’s elderly community spirit, but also spotlights fading
cultural traditions in a post-pandemic, post-Brexit Britain. Church Bingo illustrates the importance to smile, and enjoy the finer things in life while we’re here - friends, a cuppa tea and bingo.

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