Recreation by Elliott Flanagan


Recreation is a disorienting story of growing up in a small town, and propels at breakneck speed from behind the eyes of an unnamed character visiting places past. We are dragged between past and present, memory blending seamlessly with reality; time travelling bus station clocks, backstreet cycle speedways, portals between lock-ups and the local petrol station, a spotlit road movie. As the tour of hard post-industrial landscape deepens, we discover a rich place of exotica, of comedy and tragedy, car accidents, psychics, lovesickness, dogs, passion and yearning – a split second psychogeographic dream hovering the line between inner consciousness and outside life.

ISBN - 978-1-8383693-3-0
Print run - 50 copies available
Extent - 16pp + cover
Printing - two colours, risograph by Marc The Printers, Salford, UK
Publication date - 28th June 2023

Commissioned by Burnley Words Festival

Elliott Flanagan is a visual artist and writer based in the North West, UK. He was commissioned this year by Venture Arts to work with learning disabled artists and collaborated with artist Barry Finan on a performance of his text based work. In 2022 he exhibited Something exotic and euro, an installation of new work at The Whitaker Museum & Art Gallery that incorporated poetry, spoken word, field recordings, photography, film stills and a curated tracklist. Flanagan is a resident DJ at Slack’s Radio where he writes and produces his own show, home recording. His poetic book Blancmange was commissioned for A Modest Show, part of British Art Show 2022. He has exhibited widely including HOME (2021), g39 (2019), Venice Biennale, Italy (2019) and Begehungen, Chemnitz, Germany (2019).

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